Why people love EPIC-id

Review by: Mary S.

"After checking with two nurses to be sure the EMTs, Emergency Room, and hospital staff could access information from this product, I ordered the Epic-ID USB Band. Without hesitation I can say it the best Medical Alert type bracelet I've ever owned. It does require a computer so information can be input directly to the USB flash drive it contains, but the forms are easy to fill in. Trimmed, it is a perfect fit. It is so light weight I barely know it is there. Because it is flat, it doesn't roll on my wrist. And yes , it is waterproof! I don't have to take it off to wash my hands, do dishes, or take a shower. Updating the information on the bracelet is a snap. If you have trouble with wearing a heavy Med Alert bracelet, this could be what you need."

Review by: Gia D.

 "I have a disease that caused me to have a pacer/defibrillator so I wear the bracelet because I can't have mri's and all my information is on the bracelet. So on Friday I'm in my doctors office and he asked me what that was I showed him the bracelet told him to plug it in and he was BLOWN AWAY !!!! He called his nurse in to see it and write down the name. He said he's has a lot of patients who could use that. So then I got to thinking why don't you market it to doctors. I can't wait to show all my other doctors LOL I LOVE THIS BRACELET"

Review by: Janis

"I received this device for Christmas and LOVE IT. I also purchase one for a friend. The USB holds all information I required and the additional metal plate states I am diabetic using insulin with heart issues plus two phone number and my name. When in the ER they were able to view my information, I did not go in an ambulance. However, I have been insured all EMS look for all kinds of medical alert information and have the equipment to use it. Most helpful when out walking to have all the information required."

Review by: Sarah W.

"A very comfortable fit and design was what caught my eye. I have needed to wear a medical alert identification since the 80's and I have tried many styles all over time become uncomfortable and they are not water proof. Nor did the other Alert bracelet or necklaces carry all your medical information for emergency services, they would have to call a 800 number to get your full medical information. If you used Medical Alert you had to pay a yearly fee and send them in writing any changes to your medical history. That was a real hassle and added expense. Since I have had the bracelet my doctor has already changed one medication and I just plugged in computer and update. Plan on ordering one for my husband and dad."

Review by: David L.

"This is a wonderful product. This works on a MAC or a PC. It is easy to upload information, and it great for anyone. You can keep all of your medical information in one spot. It is not bulky like a medical bracelet. This was a great gadget gift for my father-in-law. He is an avid skier and has a lot of medical history. This would help an EMT or doctor if he was alone and unable to talk to the care provider, so it was an exciting gift to him."

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