Why people love EPIC-id

Review by: Reeac

"It holds a fair amount of information and you can add your picture to help aid in identification. I did speak with some EMTs and Paramedics and none had ever heard of this. However they did say that if the saw someone wearing this they would seriously look at it to determine how to use it. Having the USB symbol on there really helps since most people know what it is. The first responders I spoke with like the bracelet and will be informing their coworkers about it."

Review by: Carol T.

"I am very, very pleased with this item. I hope I never have to use it for its intended purpose but, feel very safe with it in the event something does happen."

Review by: Tim F.

"This is very handy. If you are like me, multiple medical issues, along with that multiple medication changes. Look no further plugged it in I loaded everything. came back a few days later and everything was still there. The water proof is exactly what I needed mine to be."

Review by: Carol R.

"It is easy to use and has sections to add all important health information, including health problems, doctors' names and numbers, emergency contacts, etc. The usb can be utilized by any health professional treating someone in an emergency situation. I highly recommend it!"

Review by: Amber K.

"I love this design! My dad has the black one and I thought I would get one for myself. He likes to wear it when he walks the dogs and I love wearing it when I am out hiking. Easy to plug in via USB and easy to fill out your information in it as well. Has loads of space to put all of your medical information/ emergency contacts and anything else you can think of that might save you if you are unable to speak for yourself. :-)"

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