Size, Plug & Play

  • Size Customize your size:

    1. Release the silicone band by opening the band fastener located behind the Click-Secure Closure. Open the band fastener by inserting a thin tool into the small hole and pulling upwards. Remove band from band fastener.
    2. Wrap the band around your wrist to measure your proper band length. Cut to size following the designated cut lines.
    3. Open the band fastener to insert the silicone band.
    4. Close the band fastener on the inserted silicone band while gently pulling the band away from the fastener to ensure the fastener lays flat.
    5. Dimensions: 0.6" x 0.06" x 9.25", with adjustable strap at its full length
  • Plug Update your information:

    1. Insert EPIC-id into the USB port on your computer* to access and update your emergency medical and contact information.
    2. Open your emergency forms by clicking on the EPIC-id logo that appears upon inserting the flash drive into your computer. Depending on your security settings, your EPIC-id forms may automatically open.
    3. Click the “edit” button on the top right-hand corner and input your information into the fields.
    4. Click the “done” button on the top right-hand corner and choose “save your changes” before exiting the program.
    5. Eject the USB properly before removing it from the USB port.
    6. Update your information as your travel plans, medications, and contacts change.
  • Play Get out and play:

    Professional first responders such as firefighters, EMTs, and police are trained to look for emergency ID bands.

    In an emergency, professional first responders will be able to insert your EPIC-id into their on-board computers and access important medical information without the need for passwords or a Wi-Fi connection.

    Update your information as your travel plans, medications, and contacts change. Simply insert your EPIC-id and edit as often as you’d like.

    Wear your EPIC-id running in the rain or going for a swim. No matter the conditions you may be in, your life-saving information will always be available, safe, and secure.

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Care Instructions

  • Cleaning EPIC-id:

      Use a cloth, warm water and a small amount of mild detergent to wipe the clean stainless steel clasp and silicone band -- gently wipe off any residue that may formed on USB with dry cloth.

    1. USB Care:

      1. Keep the exposed USB Flash Drive away from heat and direct sunlight.
      2. Do not bend, flex or drop the exposed USB
      3. To prevent data loss, make sure to properly eject your EPIC-id
      4. Please remove EPIC-id before restarting or shutting down your computer
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  • Content to Include:

    • Donor information
    • Your spiritual or religious background and requests for clergy
    • Contact information of the person who holds your DNR/living will documentation
  • Prioritizing Content

    Tips for Prioritizing content
  • International Emergency Codes:

Click-Secure Closure ensures that your band is secured on your wrist. For questions contact us at (844)437-4243 or 
Download the Specification Sheet

The flash drive on EPIC-id is a simple and universal way to store and access information; however, just as a first responder may not opt to use the information on any medical ID, they too, may not opt to access the information on your EPIC-id.
As an added measure of preparedness, we strongly suggest adding a Custom Engraved ID Tag to your EPIC-id band for an additional $20.00.